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About Us

I set up Best Baby Shower after my sister-in-law Heidi introduced me to the idea of baby showers when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Heidi grew up in Brazil where baby showers are commonplace and when she wanted to organise one for me, I was thrilled!! The problem was that there weren't many places in the UK where you can choose from a wide range of baby shower-themed tableware, games and decorations, as well as find unique baby shower gifts. I thought it would be a great idea to bring everything together on one, easy to use and fun site, making it so much more convenient to throw mum an amazing baby shower that she will always remember.

Given that these days’ parents are also increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, more and more of them are searching out organic, eco-friendly and 100% cotton clothing and toys for their little ones and using alternatives to disposables such as re-usable and biodegradable nappies. So again I thought 'why not make sure that our customers have the widest possible choice of environmentally-friendly and organic gifts as well' so that everything is available all in the one place!! Who wants to make their life more difficult, having to shop in several places to get what they want?? Not to mention the postage costs from each site?!

As a family-run business I pride myself on my excellent personal service. I am constantly sourcing new and gorgeous products and I always love to get customer feedback or ideas of other products and gifts you’d like us to stock. I often come across fabulous products made by other work at home mums and I love to showcase their work to show what amazing things we mums can come up with! My number one priority is making sure that I have the best possible choice of quality, fun and unique products for your Baby Shower!

Oh, and my first baby was obviously so excited about the prospect of a Baby Shower for mummy that she decided to arrive two weeks early, on the morning of the party! One gift I wasn’t expecting that day! But several months later I attended Heidi’s baby shower (this time her little boy was content to stay in her tummy a while longer) and it was fantastic. It's very special to be able to celebrate the imminent arrival with the mum-to-be and she gets to enjoy being the centre of attention for the last time before her little bundle of joy arrives!!

Now I have had my second daughter and this time around I was thrown a fantastic surprise baby shower - (and baby managed to stay inside my tummy for this one!). It really was such a lovely afternoon - every pregnant woman should have one!

Jo Fazel
x x


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