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Further Information

It isn't known exactly when showers started, and there are many theories.

It is believed that the celebrations around the birth of a child has their origins in ancient Egypt and Greece. Although they didn't follow the same format as they do today, it is believed they did celebrate the birth of the child. Experts have found some evidence of rituals around pregnancy and childbirth but details are not clear, although it does appear that the celebrations occurred after the child had been safely delivered.

In ancient Greek households, a ceremony took place shortly after birth, which included several rituals. This was followed by celebratory feasts known as Amphidromia which took place on the fifth or seventh day after birth and involved family and friends welcoming the new child into the world. The event would take place in the evening and if it was a boy, the outside of the house would be decorated with olive leaves; if it was a girl, the decorations would be made from garlands of wool.

Rituals included carrying the child around the hearth, thereby presenting it to the Gods, and the infant would receive their name in front of the guests. Gifts would be dedicated to the Goddess of Birth, Eileithya, and would typically be dresses, clothing, blankets and sometimes, food. Often handmade gifts were given. These rituals all occurred after birth - as opposed to the modern tradition of holding them during pregnancy. A variation on this ceremony was Dekate -this was primarily for the wealthy elite families in Greek society, and there was no fixed day for this.

The modern shower as we know it today, evolved after the second world war. The female family and friends of the mother would get together to have a party to celebrate the birth of the new child. As the guests often bought gifts, the party was usually arranged and hosted by a female friend of the expectant mother, as it was considered impolite for the mother herself to invite guests and ask for gifts. In time, men were gradually included in the celebrations, including the father, grandfathers and other male family members and friends.

More recently, the celebration started to take place before the child was born, and has reverted back to a more female orientated occasion although some people do still like male friends and family to be involved. Due to the advent of new scanning technology, the sex of the child is often known before birth, allowing people to "buy the right thing" for the new child.

In the modern day and age, showers were primarily an American custom, as in the UK and Europe, the major celebrations and giving of presents were done at the time of the infant's christening, usually a month or two after birth. However, as with all trends, it travelled across the Atlantic and is now an established part of UK life to hold a celebration prior to the birth, especially as not everyone opts to have their child Christened, or if they do it may be many months until they hold the ceremony.

Typically, modern events now happen at least a month prior to the expected delivery date, and are usually organised by a close friend or female family member of the mother to be. Celebrations often involve a small buffett meal or afternoon tea.

As well as the obvious showering of gifts, games are often played around the theme of the party. These games can include sweepstakes (based on guessing the date, time & weight of the child when born), themed charades, "pin the nappy" and shower gift bingo. Anything goes really depending on the number of guests, the length of the party and the personality of the mother to be.

These events have now become a solid part of the birthing process in the UK, and though originally only occurring for the first pregnancy, they can now take place for each subsequent birth, where they are known as ‘sprinkles’.

All in all, it doesn't really matter when they started - we just know they are a fun way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new child, and for friends and family to show their support and excitement in anticipation of the new arrival!

Some Great Baby Shower Games Ideas

We have mentioned playing games at the party, so here are some great ideas for playing at your shower.

Measure Mums Tummy Game
In this game, guests have to guess the circumference of the mum-to-be's tummy and pull out the length of string/ribbon they believe is the size of the tummy. The winner is the person whose string measures closest in length to the actual size.

Guess The Item Game
In this game, the pregnant mum is blind-folded and given a bag of items such as nappies, dummies, shoes, rattles, etc. She then has to put her hand in the bag and identify each item correctly.

Putting On The Nappy Game
This game is best played as a team game racing against each other or individually against the clock. Participants are blindfolded and handed a doll with a nappy on and have to remove it and then put a new nappy on in the fastest time.

Name The Baby Game
All the guests receive a piece of paper and they have to think of as many baby names as possible from any given letter of the alphabet within a given time, for example one minute. The winner is the one with the most names.

Pass The Ball Game
This game requires two bowls, a spoon and small cotton balls. Fill one bowl with the cotton balls and place the other empty bowl some distance away. The participant is blindfolded and then has to transfer the cotton ball with the spoon into the other empty bowl. This is harder than it seems, as the cotton is so light, it easily blows away half way through! The winner is the person who successfully transfers the most cotton balls within a given time.

Pin the Nappy Pin on the Baby
This game is a twist on the original kid’s party game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. The idea is to blindfold each guest and let them have a turn guessing where to put the nappy pin on a picture of a baby.


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